Silver Conductive Paste

Singapore Asahi offers a range of conductive silver pastes that have been developed for a broad range of applications including Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), printed sensors, RFID antenna, printed lighting, touch screens, touch switches, flexible printed heater, interconnect paste and wearables.  Asahi conductive pastes are suitable for polymeric substrates due to its low temperature sintering characteristics.  Asahi silver pastes are also suitable for glass, ceramics, paper, textiles, metallic surface and etc.  It can be applied using screen printing and various type of processes. Asahi has silver paste that is used to form electronic traces, sensors, thermoformable electronics, interconnect paste and stretchable electronics for wearables.

Product List

Product code Description Curing Condition Viscosity, cps @ 20rpm Sheet Resistivity (mΩ/□/mil) Shelf Life
S503 Low voltage circuitry printing on heat sensitive substrate, flexible electrode printing 150°C, 20 mins 9000 ± 20% cps < 45 6 months (~25°C)
S743 Low temperature stretchable circuitry on elastic film and textile substrate for sensor or heating applications 110°C, 20 mins 17000 ± 30% cps < 80 6 months (~25°C)
S604 Low cost low voltage circuitry printing on PET or polyethylene substrate 110°C, 20 mins 10000 ± 30% cps < 150 3 months (~25°C)
S754 Low voltage circuitry printing on heat sensitive substrate, flexible electrode printing with longer screen life 150°C, 20 mins 11000 ± 30% cps < 55 6 months (~25°C)
DA767 Low temperature curing conductive adhesive for component and LED assembly 120°C, 30 mins 80 ± 20% Kcps @ 2.5rpm < 1X103Ω.cm 3 months (~8°C)
NA001 Low temperature curing adhesive with superior strength on Si, PET and PC material 130°C, 30 mins 17000 ± 30% cps @ 2.5rpm Non conductive 3 months (~8°C)



Smart electro-clothing

Smart wearable where sensors and conductive traces could be printed on the wearables.


Printed Flexible hybrid circuit where we use our silver paste for the conductive traces and also silver paste as interconnect paste.

Stretchable Paste

Stretchable paste for wearables. Conductivity of the paste needed to be consistent when paste is being stretched especially when it is being used in wearables.