SnCu(3.0 & 4.0)

SnCu3.0 is one of the high-performing Pb-free solder available in the industry. It can be used in dipping soldering process. SnCu4.0 is effective solder alloy to minimize copper dissolution. Suitable to use on wire dipping as small as 0.03 mm.  Our years of manufacturing experience has enabled us to precisely control and set stringent operating parameters to produce high quality bars.

Properties –

Melting Point

Tensile Strength


227-322°C / 228-340°C

46.74 Mpa / 45.47 Mpa

19.001 Mpa / 15.98 Mpa

Packaging/Size Options –

Solder Bar

Solder Wire

Wire Diameter (mm)

25kg box

20kg box

0.3mm ~ 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm

Available in –

Bar and Wire.