Hasaconi FX-980 flux remover is designed as a solvent to remove rosin / resin flux residues, oil and grease from the automated conveyor finger in the soldering machine, when rosin / resin fluxes are used for soldering circuit board assemblies. FX-980 provides rapid, effective and safe cleaning action for applications where vapor-degreasing equipment is not available. It is designed to be used without dilution from its original formulation. FX-980 is characterized by fast and effective solvent action on the flux residues, being more effective than denatured alcohol. The solvent removes rosin or resin flux residues without causing any harmful effect on metallic parts.

FX-980 is formulated without the use of CFC chemicals, chlorinated and fluorinated hydro-carbon solvents, which are more toxic and pollute the environment.

Properties –

Specific Gravity

0.980 ± 0.01

Application –

Suitable for ultrasonic, dipping and spraying cleaning process.

Technical Documents –

 Product Data Sheet