Lead Free 

A pioneer in development of unique, hassle free VIROMET and SCS alloys, Singapore Asahi has scaled another new height in alloy technology. These new series of alloys are now available in various forms for the application in wave soldering, SMT, manual soldering, micro-soldering etc.

Solder Paste 

M097 (for standard stencil printing) 
MLED01 (for micro LED printing)       
LT95 (for low temperature printing) 
LFF1 (water soluble application)       

Solder Alloy 

SCS7                      SAC305                    SnCu0.7                      SnCu3.0 & 4.0       
Viromet 347/349  SCS7H                      SAC305H                    Pure Tin 99.9         

Solder Cored Wire 

CLF5160, no clean            CLF92, Halogen Free            CLF4128, Watersoluble