Copper Particle Paste

Asahi Copper Particle Paste is specially formulated with our core-shell copper particles to meet the demand for printed electronics, a solution for flexible hybrid electronics and printable electronics with excellent stability and good electrical conductivity.  Conventionally, the main obstacle for using copper particles is their stability and spontaneous oxidation in ambient conditions.  The cored shell technology of Asahi copper particle prevents oxidation from taking place and preserves its metallic characteristic.  Asahi copper paste provide excellent adhesion on various substrates and sintered in normal air convection curing oven.

Product List

Product code Description Curing Condition Viscosity, cps @ 20rpm Sheet Resistivity Shelf Life
CPP-F72C27R Low voltage circuitry printing on heat sensitive substrate, flexible electrode printing 120 – 150°C for 2 – 3 mins 30~90 Kcps < 75 mΩ/□/mil 6 months (~25°C)
CPP-CAF1 Low cost application with high electrical conductivity, capable of withstanding thermoforming and overmolding temperatures. 120°C for 5 mins 10,000 to 30,000 cP < 80 mΩ/□/mil 6 months (~25°C)



Touch sensor circuit printed on paper

Proximity sensor circuit printed on PET

Flexible circuit