Solar Flux

HASACONI® is a product range of superior flux solutions engineered for optimal performance for various industry applications. Flux solutions for use in photovoltaic panel manufacturing industry provides cost efficient solutions with superior wetting performance providing excellent adhesion of tabbling ribbons on solar cell, next to no other.
Singapore Asahi’s continued commitment to develop innovative flux solutions forging new paths to meet evolving renewable energy technologies, making Singapore Asahi’s flux a preferred solution of choice.



Product List – 

Product Code SF56 SF105 SF180S



Solid content 1.35 1.70 1.80



Specific gravity 0.790 0.791 0.791
DA767 Low temperature curing conductive adhesive for component and LED assembly 120°C, 30 mins 80 ± 20% Kcps @ 2.5rpm


NA001 Low temperature curing adhesive with superior strength on Si, PET and PC material 130°C, 30 mins 17000 ± 30% cps @ 2.5rpm