Tacky Paste Flux – BAF-780

BAF780 Water-Clean Tacky Flux has been specially conceived for ball-attach, bumped chip assembly, re-balling and rework applications with lead-bearing and lead-free solder spheres or alloys. It is adapted for high UPH environment. The careful blend of the mild organics in vacuum-packed jars, syringes or cartridges, engenders fluidity and homogeneity during the printing, pin transfer, ball-dip, and dispensing operations. The operating-life is >16 hours with negligible change in viscosity. It is recommended for reflow in nitrogen (N2) with a maximum oxygen (O2) level of 5000ppm, whereby maximum fluxing is achieved. Thus, conferring excellent wetting leading to 100% pad coverage resulting in negligible interfacial void, and consequently, bestowing excellent joint reliability.

Properties –

Halide Content

Flux Activity Classification


Not Added


3000 – 10000 cp

Packaging options –

Syringe and Jar