Tacky Paste Flux – BAF-717

BAF717 is a no-clean assembly flux specially designed for ball-attach, BGA re-balling, BGA rework and PoP applications. BAF717 can be transferred to the pad by pin-transfer or ball-dip process involving a rotating disc a doctor’s blade for flux levelling or a drum fluxer. The operating-life is >16 hours without much change in viscosity. BAF717 can also be dispensed for BGA or SMD rework. It is recommended for re-flow in nitrogen (N2) with a maximum oxygen (O2) level of 5000ppm. Post-soldered residue is low and can be left on the circuit. If desired, the residue can be removed with standard cleaners and megasonic energy.

Properties –

Halide Content

Flux Activity Classification


Not Added


35 +/- 5 Pa.s

Packaging options –

Syringe and Jar