SF105 is an excellent flux to apply on solar (PV) cell bus strips prior to soldering tab ribbons in place. SF105 solder flux facilitates solder wetting by dissolving the oxides present on the surface of the tabbing ribbon as well as the silver metallization bonding stripes on the top and bottom of the solar cell. The flux flows smoothly and evenly for consistently secure and uniform solder connections with no mess. It speeds up assembly time and makes nice-looking panels. This flux remains no residue after soldering process due to its rosin free formulation and requires no washing.

Properties –

Solid Content

Specific Gravity

Acid Value

Flux Classification

1.70 ± 0.3

0.791 ± 0.005

14.0 ± 2.0 mg KOH/g flux


Application –

Soaking, Dipping and Spraying

Technical Documents –

 Product Data Sheet