SCS7 Solder Bar- 1Kg

SCS7, an enhanced tin/copper lead free alloy, is highly recommended to directly replace existing SnCu0.7 solder in the high temperature wave soldering applications. This alloy not only exhibits the excellent ductility of SnCu0.7 solder, it possesses superior mechanical strength both in ambient and high temperature environments. SCS7’s fatigue resistance is now comparable to tin/lead solder and as such, SCS7 has addressed the fundamental concerns of tin/copper alloys. Besides, it offers benefits of low drossing and good wettability. Its applications cover wave soldering, dipping processes, manual/auto soldering and solder joints touch up using solder wires. This cost effective alloy has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the electronics industries.

Properties –

Melting Point

Tensile Strength


Cycle Fatigue Resistance


45.83 MPa

25.54 MPa

3000 – 3500Nf