Copper Particle Paste CPP-F72C27R

Asahi Copper Particle Paste is specially formulated with our core-shell copper particles to meet the demand for printed electronics, a solution for flexible hybrid electronics and printable electronics with excellent stability and good electrical conductivity.  Conventionally, the main obstacle for using copper particles is their stability and spontaneous oxidation in ambient conditions.  The cored shell technology of Asahi copper particle prevents oxidation from taking place and preserves its metallic characteristic.  Asahi copper paste provide excellent adhesion on various substrates and sintered in normal air convection curing oven.

Properties –



Curing condition



120°C – 150°C   for 2 – 3 mins

Application –

CPP-F72C27R is a conductive paste, which provide high conductivity, good adhesion and excellent printability on screen printing. It can be printed on various substrates, including PI, PEN, PC, Paper and PET.