Die Attach

√  Halogen-free (ROL0) flux system.

√  Trouble-free print transfer – good reproducibility of deposits.

√ Stable formulation – no paste drying after 16 hours of operation.

√ No lead-frame staining – good compatibility with over-moulding.

√ Fast wetting – no satellites and low void content.

√ Cosmetically clean appearance – no charred residue.

√  Full die and pad coverage – high joint reliability.

√ No-clean formulation – if desired, residue can be removed with standard cleaners with ultrasonic energy.

Product List
Product code Alloy Application /Assemble Features
P925 3‐ ADAF912‐E P925 Dispensing /Die-attach, leadframe attach Discrete power package
assembly in forming gas
SM950‐M305‐D‐885 SAC305s Printing / IGBT base plate IGBT base plate assembly in
vacuum oven under
AWS980‐M305‐D‐885 SAC305s Printing / SiP SiP assembly in vacuum
oven under N2