Copper Complex Ink

Asahi Copper Complex Ink is specially formulated for ink jet printing to meet the demand of printed electronics and is also a good replacement for “Pd-free” seed used in the electroless plating process. Copper complex ink can be screen printed or inkjetted and decomposed upon short exposure to plasma or air (both inert or normal) to form a seed layer for electroless plating process that will form highly conductive traces on both 2D and 3D structures.

Product List

Product code Appearance Texture Curing Condition Sheet Resistivity
CCI-330I Blue color liquid Slightly viscous 150°C for 30mins N.A.



Sample of circuit printed on 3D object and cured to form seed layer, before undergo Electroless Plating

NFC Antenna

WiFi Antenna

E-Textile- Stretchable electronics